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Sunbed Hire Grimsby

Our Area

We cover all areas of Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Cleethorpes, Louth, Caister, Lincoln and all surrounding areas.

 For sunbed home hire in Grimsby. you can get your gorgeous all over tan in the comfort and safety of your own home. All types of sunbeds are available to hire and delivered free to your home. Call 01472 729289 to book now.

Your sunbed home hire specialists

Here at Grimsby sunbed hire we are able to offer a wide range of sunbeds for hire. You can get a beautiful tan in the comfort and saftey of your own home. Hiring a sunbed at home is very cost effective and can be tailored to meet your own particular needs and space available. Choose from our three types of sunbeds available for home delivery and been a family run business established for many years we pride ourselves on our excellent customer satisfaction and provice a fast, friendly and efficient service.You may choose the option to lay under a single canopy sunbed or the curved twin double , or perhaps the latest vertical sunbeds which ensure your perfect 360 degree tan. All our sunbeds are delivered with full instructions and goggles are always provided FREE of charge.


Enjoy a Gorgeous Golden Brown Tan All Year Round

Look Good and Feel Great 

Hiring a sunbed in the comfort of your home can provide you with a tan where unlike natural sunlight, the specific UV exposure is controlled specifically by you to prevent over exposure and to avoid burning and sunstroke.

  • The strength of UVB rays from a sunbed is much lower than natural sunlight.
  • The length of a home sunbed tanning session is limited to your own specific skin type .

For home sunbed hire in Grimsby please call us on 01472 729289. We have a wide range of sunbeds available for home hire. Choose from vertical sunbeds which are fitted with up to 250W fast tanning tubes which give you superior tanning results, or choose from our range of doubles or single canopies. 

Tube sales are also available from our warehouse. We always have in  stock a large range of tubes that fit most makes and types of sunbed.

Vertical Sunbed Hire

Having a stand up sunbed delivered to your own home is like having your own tanning salon and only requiring 1 square metre of space means this type of sunbed is suitable for most size of rooms, Our sun showers come with 24x Awesome 250W tubes fitted to give you great fast tanning results every time. These domestic home sunbeds only require 2x 13amp plugs to work.

vertical sunbed 1 mobile
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vertical sunbed 1
vertical sunbed 2
vertical sunbed 3
caribbean sunbed closed
vertical sunbed 4

Double Canopy Sunbed Hire

These domestic lay down sunbeds are ideal if you like to relax whilst you tan and they only take up the space of a small single bed approx 6 ft long, this means they can be placed into most rooms in your home, using a double sunbed is a very relaxing way to obtain your perfect tan. 

double canopy 1 mobile
double canopy 1
double canopy 2
double canopy 3

Single Canopy Sunbed Hire


Single canopy sunbeds are designed specially for home use when space can be a premium and tight, canopy sunbeds are easy for you to manoeuver and store. Single canopy sunbeds are usually used over an existing bed, however some people prefer to use a normal chair or even a sunlounger, a hydraulic gas damper in the stand makes adjusting the height simple.

single canopy 1 mobile
single canopy 1
single canopy 2
single canopy 3

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For home sunbed hire in Grimsby please call us on 01472 729289 for bookings or any enquiries.

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For home sunbed hire in Grimsby please call us on 01472 729289